Media Investments for Media Groups

We offer various Solutions to enable a flexible start of professional Media Investments
or to support the enhancement of existing activities. 

Consulting Services

We offer hands-on consulting support in all key areas of Media Investments to enable a start or to enhance existing activities. Our 360 degree Scouting and Investment Management Services are an end to end solution.

Our Fund Solutions

For Media Owner interested to engage more professionally, without the need to commit time or bind resources for setup and operations. Our various Fund Models allow for a flexible outsourcing while maintaining full control.

Reasons to Engage

The media world is changing with  increasing speed, where Money follows Eyeballs. An addition to classic Media Sales Models ought to be considered, where Media Investments offer a powerful approach for substantial Value Creation.

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Consulting, Scouting & Outsourcing

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Supporting Solutions

01. Consulting Services & Investment Scouting


We offer 360 degrees Consulting Support in all key areas of Media Investments. Our approach is fully hands-on, whereby we focus on know-how import and the actual implementation of best practice tools and processes.

Investment Scouting

Our Scouting Approach is not limited to Target Search and Analysis. We typically engage in full Investment Management capacity, including Deal Term Modeling, Investment Structuring, Negotiation and presentation of a ready-to-approve Investment Case.

Overview of specific Support Areas: 

  • Scan of Media Inventory & Impact Potential
  • Market Scan & Analysis
  • Target Search
  • Business Model & Venture Analysis
  • Deal Term Modeling & Impact Forecasting
  • Investment Structuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation & Implementation
  • Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Reporting & Controlling
  • Investment Management & Development

Media Investment Tools

  • Scoring Model
  • Deal Term Model
  • Financial Impact Forecast Models
  • Media for Revenue Share & Equity Contracts
  • Legal Toolbox
  • Investment & Fund Reporting Models

Start or enhance professional Media InvestmentsMedia Investments

(Partial) Outsourcing Solutions

02. Investment Funds

Brief Introduction

We offer various, fully customizable Fund Models, allowing Media Owner to (silently) engage in Media Investments. Setup and operational costs can be circumvented, involvement requirements minimised and painful learnings costs avoided, as activities are started with full know-how import.

Full Control 

All our Outsourcing Solutions include mechanisms to ensure full transparency and control. Please contact us for more information.

Quantum Input

We import all investment tools and adapt these to the local market. Know-How import occurs via a Senior Quantum Partner, who will be responsible for Solution Setup, Team Staffing & Training, and ongoing Investment & Fund Management.

Overview Fund Solutions

Our carefully structured solutions allow for an initial alignment to a Media Groups preferences and requirements.

  • Open Funds (low / no involvement)
  • Hired Fund
  • Exclusive Fund
  • Semi Exclusive
  • JV Media & Cash & Fund
  • Virtual Test Fund (see below)

Light Start (Test) Solution

A specially designed solution, enabling a fast to market, small scale test with flexible duration. Please follow the link below for more information.

Key Areas for Customization

All Quantum Fund Solutions allow for an additional configuration.

  • Company (Fund) Structure & Size
  • Fund & Investment Strategies
  • Investment Tickets (Size)
  • TV Channels (all or selected)
  • Level of Involvement (Decision making)
  • Duration of Fund
  • Exclusivity & Other

Fees & Remuneration

We offer various approaches to cooperate, some of which are strongly based on performance. Please contact us for more information.

Why cooperate with Quantum?

Know How

Know-How is key to success in Media Investments, as these differ greatly from Venture Capital Approaches. Avoid painful (& costly) learnings by making use of our know-how and tools. We have been doing this for quite some time.

Our Track Record

We have analyzed and negotiated a record number of Media Investments. In total, we have been involved in over 60 successful transactions whereby over €1bn in Media Investments have been committed to date.

Leading Funds

We have setup other Investment Funds for and with leading Media Groups or drove the start of Media Investments. Prior Quantum, we part of the Founder Team of SevenVentures, the leading Media Investment Company in Europe.

Success Based Models

As we strongly believe in the high impact potential of Media Investments, we also cooperate via performance related models, enabling you to start without capital investments and risks.


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