Quantum Media Investments

Media for Revenue Share & Equity

High Impact Media

Quantum Investments are based exclusively on high-reach mass media, such as TV, Radio and Online. We cooperate exclusively with leading Media Groups, to ensure best possible media impact,

Investment Models

Our standard Models are structured for Angel, Growth & Leadership Investments. We focus on Media for Revenue Share & Equity, although we may also conduct Media & Cash Investments.

Investment Size

We typically invest (very) high volumes of Media, to enable constant brand communication, which best facilitates Brand Building, Customer build-up and growth of Revenues.


We invest over the long-term as we aim to push our portfolio companies towards a sustainable  category or leadership position. The investment duration differs with each of our models, ranging from 18 to 48 months.

Revenue- & Variable Shares

To identify the best fit structure for both, our portfolio companies and our cooperating Media Partner(s), we  analyze many different options. In any case, variable shares are based on Investment driven New Revenues.

Equity Expectation

Our Equity Expectations are clearly minority stakes, ranging between 15% and 30%. The final Equity participation depends on the company´s stage, valuation, size of our investment and return expectations from Revenue Shares.

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