Keynote No.

01. On-Top Revenues

In strong contrast to normal (Venture Capital) Cash for Equity Investments, Media Investments generate immediate and continuously growing, monthly recurring Cash Returns.

… in addition to standard Equity Value and proceeds from partial or full Divestments.

Keynote No.

02. Unsold Inventory

Quantum Media Investments are fully based on UNSOLD Media Inventories, which function as the Investment Capital.

As such,  Media Groups incur no financial Risks by engaging in Media Investments.

Keynote No.

03. Disruptive Changes

First rule in Media: Money follows Eyeballs! Classic TV is challenged on many fronts, causing lower reach & ratings.

Existing TV clients will continue to increase a shift of budgets, resulting in lower Revenues and higher Volumes of Unsold Media Inventories.

Additional Reasons to Engage

Classic Media Sales ROI plus X

Media Investments can generate the same Return Levels as Classic Media Sales but with multiple Upside Potential.

Lower Dependencies

from Cyclicality’s of Advertising Market or local Economy. Proactively confront an increasing Shift of Budgets.

Enhance Equity Story

via On-Top Revenues, future Cash Cows, New Market Segments, Exit Proceeds, Digital Revenue Transformation, etc…

Other Benefits

Create Success Cases for classic Media Sales, Stimulate new Market Segments & Clients, Drive Demand, gain performance insights, etc… 


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