Key Highlights of Quantum Virtual Test Fund

No Setup Costs & OPEX

We will provide a Special Investment Vehicle (SPV) and Investment team, allowing the start without the need to incorporate a dedicated Fund Company and hire Employees.

Full Control

Full Control is enabled via the establishment of an Executive Investment Committee, which may be chaired by the Media Group. Each Investment will be presented for Approval.

Full Quantum Input

To avoid highly cost intensive learnings (wrong target selection, analysis or suboptimal deal term structures), we provide the same input as with our Standard Funds.

No long-term Commitments 

We have developed a very special Investment approach, providing maximum flexibility and allowing for termination after 6 or 12 months.

No Involvement Needs

Media Groups can get involved but don´t need to. Essentially, the only input requirement are Media Volumes required as Investment Capital.

Fast Time to Market

We are ready to start the market scan and target search immediately after agreement. The first investment could be On-Air within 3-4 months.

Get started without any Financial Risks

Simplified Process

1. Scan of Media Inventory & Impact Potential

We start by analyzing a Media Groups Inventory and overall Reach / Audience Share to identify the best fit Investment Models allowing to conduct Media Impact Forecasts.

2. Market Scan & Target Search

In parallel, we will scan the local market & startup environment, initiate target search in line with proven, strong-fit business models.

3. Target Analysis & Negotiation

Media Impact Forecasts, Deal Term Modeling & Investment Structuring, Negotiation and Presentation.

4. Start of specially structured Test Investments

Start 3-5 Investments and test performance throughout FY1, via specially developed investment structure.

Lets get started